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Cooking Bacon All Night Long with Sous Vide

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Check out how easy it is to make perfectly cooked bacon every time with a Sous Vide machine. Set temperature to 147 degrees Fahrenheit or 64 degrees Celsius, and let it cook for 8-36 hours. Once it is removed simply fry for a few minutes to crisp up.

I was skeptical of the idea of sous vide bacon. I generally prefer my bacon cooked completely crisp and almost burnt, rather than trying to get bacon that’s crisp and moist at the same time. But bacon cooked sous vide overnight is the first I’ve ever tasted that delivers on that moist-and-crisp promise that has changed my mind. It’s crispy on the exterior as you bite into it, but it quite literally melts in your mouth, like the finest duck confit or confit pork belly, as you chew. Here’s how to make it.

So, how do you do it?  I started with a thick hickory smoked bacon from my local supermarket butcher that tends to be a bit on the stringy side regardless of cooking method. Using the sous vide cooker completely eliminated this and turned the bacon into something akin to a slow-roasted pork belly that would cost an arm and a leg, but in ever so crispy yet tender strips. For me, this is the perfect balance for the world’s best food.

There is an age old debate on how people like their bacon cooked. I recall a recent article on a great website wherein a married couple debated the correct texture for bacon, well done like I used to prefer is limp with just a hint of doneness. My guess is that after trying this method, they may finally be able to agree.

Why It Works

  • Cooking bacon sous vide overnight leads to extraordinarily tender and tasty results.
  • A quick sear on one side only gives you a crisp texture to contrast with the tenderness so it satisfies those who prefer their bacon crispy.

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